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hether you want to sell an accounting practice, buy an accounting practice, grow your CPA or EA firm, start up a new practice, or are looking to develop your firm or your succession plan — our first conversation with you starts with what is on your horizon. ProHorizons is a West Coast brokerage and consulting company focusing on tax and accounting practice sales, acquisitions, and practice development services since 1995.

We aim to understand you, your practice, and your goals. Seasoned ProHorizons representatives from our team then tailor a relevant, practical solution for your situation.

We commit to professionalism, objectivity, confidentiality, and candor in all of our client relationships. The result is a proven track record of working with thousands of accounting professionals and firms of all types and sizes, and at any stage on their business horizon.

  • "It was a pleasure to work with ProHorizons. They understood all of my needs, goals, requirements and time constraints. More importantly, they met or exceeded them. I highly recommend ProHorizons and if I had the opportunity again, I would without reservation utilize their service."

    Avery Greenberg, CPA
  • "ProHorizons produced what they promised in a very professional manner. Their approach was always direct and honest."

    Howard Leff, EA
  • "When it came time to sell my accounting practice in 2006, ProHorizons was referred to me by my dad - who is also in the business brokerage industry. He said that ProHorizons had the specific talent and experience needed for the accounting industry. He was absolutely correct! I listed my business with ProHorizons in May and had a check in hand by the end of July! Every step of the way, ProHorzions was there to answer questions, calm my fears, and provide professional counsel. Even though I am now in the mergers & acquisitions business brokerage business myself, I still refer any accounting firm buyers or sellers to ProHorizons."

    Tina Marino
  • "ProHorizons is a a terrific choice for anyone selling their CPA firm. They are experienced, knowledgeable and honest in evaluating such firms and provide a thorough program which assists CPA's in the sale of their firms. I would recommend ProHorizons as a great source for services."

    Anthony Citrolo, CPA, CVA
  • “Now that a few weeks have passed since we closed on the sale of my CPA practice, I want to share a few thoughts with you.  I’ve been extremely impressed with the professional value of ProHorizons recommendations and careful guidance as the transaction progressed from understanding my practice, to finding potential buyers, to the final sale. Top drawer.  During sensitive negotiations the value of you and your company’s experience was very evident.  Both I and the buyer were able to fully understand the implications of proposed transaction considerations, and mutually make good decisions.  If I had another CPA practice to sell, without question, I would select ProHorizons.  Thanks for your personalized services.”

    Michael O. Wirick, CPA
  • "Across the board ProHorizons exceeded our expectations.  Our practice was located in a rural community and we weren't sure if we could sell it.  ProHorizons was able to generate a handful of interested buyers and even brought us three different offers.  Throughout, they were attentive to us and complete professionals as they advised us of our options and helped us negotiate a deal that met our goals.  There is no doubt that ProHorizons is the firm of choice when selling an accounting practice."

    Frank and Lola Putnam, CPAs
  • "From what I've seen, I would say ProHorizons provides the best brokerage service in the industry.  They were professional, responsive, knowledgeable and very smart about timing their involvement--sometimes very active in guiding the transaction and sometimes stepping back and letting things run their course.  The result was a transaction that served both my needs and the buyer's needs, bridging our differences to close the deal and best insure the continued success of the practice.  When it comes to results, ProHorizons is tops!"

    John Schlueter
  • "I have to confess when ProHorizons first contacted me I tried to blow them off.  I wasn't convinced my practice was saleable.  After a few years of conversations with ProHorizons, I decided to see what they would accomplish, but I still wasn't entirely convinced.  I can say I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with the results.  My practice sold in a much shorter time frame than I expected and for a good price.  ProHorizons was professional, accessible, involved every step of the way and a great aid to the buyer regarding financing, which resulted in my being entirely cashed out.  I don't think I could have sold my practice without the assistance of ProHorizons.  I know it definitely would not have happened so quickly and the terms would not have been as good."

    Bill Frazier
  • "Thanks again ProHorizons. You did a great job!"

    Diane Carothers, EA
  • "The process took a little longer than expected, mostly in finding the right buyer. But ProHorizons sure knows the business and the accounting industry. I would definitely recommend ProHorizons."

    Gary Jones, CPA
  • “Thanks for everything you did to make the sale of my practice possible. I was glad we found a buyer for both segments of my business and we did not need to split it into two companies. Now I am enjoying my "retirement" working in my son's business."

    Norma Waterman, CPA
  • “I had a great overall experience working with ProHorizons. I tried to sell my practice on my own and was unsuccessful. ProHorizons helped me find a buyer that was a good match to work with my clients."

    Brad Y., CPA
  • "We were impressed with how many prospective buyers ProHorizons was able to bring to the table. As for the process of selling, Ken Berry's knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness were excellent. ProHorizons was actively involved every step of the way and worked closely with us and our prospective buyers to create a positive sale and sales experience for all involved. Thank you again for all your help. We really appreciate it."

    Dan and Karen Giarde, EA
  • “Working with ProHorizons made the sale of my practice much less difficult. The process was fast and smooth. There were no surprises. ProHorizons played a valuable role in completing the sale. John Ezell coached me all the way to the closing. I would recommend using ProHorizons to any friend or colleague considering buying or selling a practice."

    Gary Walsh, CPA
  • “Within a few days of listing with ProHorizons, I was introduced to three prospective buyers.  There were other feelers along the way, but I eventually sold to one of those initial introductions.  Throughout the sales process, Rick Harrison of ProHorizons was involved to whatever degree I required.  He provided me with the latitude I wanted, but was there when I needed input and counsel.  He was objective, spoke with candor, and helped the buyer and I reconcile our differences.  If I were to sell again, I would use ProHorizons and I am comfortable recommending them to any friend or colleague.”

    James Fisher, CPA
  • "The process was pretty much what I expected. My biggest difficulty was in letting go of my relationship with the clients and the income stream. ProHorizons played a valuable role in finding an appropriate buyer and being available to consult with me through the closing. By the way, I would be pleased to act as a reference."

    Jim Westbrook, CPA
  • "ProHorizons is very professional and courteous. They have vast knowledge of the Public Accounting industry. Their expertise guided us through a successful acquisition. Without their experience and understanding there is no doubt this would not have been possible."

    Gael Knight, CPA
  • "ProHorizons did a great job for our firm in our Valuenomics acquisition. Very responsive and easy to work with."

    Jeff Stegner, CPA-ABV, CVA
  • "ProHorizons represented us on a transaction and saved us 1.8 million dollars!!!"

    Paul Witzke, CPA
  • “ProHorizons helped me buy into a terrific tax practice 4 years ago, and has always been honest and giving of their time. They are experts in the field of accounting practice sales and purchases and are a great asset to any CPA looking to buy or sell an accounting practice.”

    Andy Levinson, CPA
  • "Making a decision to purchase an accounting firm is very complex.  ProHorizons gave me answers to specific questions that assisted me in making the right decisions on how and when to move forward with the purchase I have now made.  Had it not been for their guidance we would not have been able to resolve issues necessary to create what is now an effective "win, win" deal."

    Jacob Hanes
  • “I have been looking to buy a practice and have been working with ProHorizons and their competitors. ProHorizons has always been very responsive when I call or email. Some of the other firms don't even acknowledge a call or email."

    Daniel Hutnicki, CPA
  • "ProHorizons played an integral part in facilitating our transaction. Our biggest challenge was finding a firm that was the correct fit for our existing business model. ProHorizons provided us with the necessary information regarding each prospective firm that enabled us to close on a transaction that will complement our existing practice. John [Ezell] was very helpful in assisting our partners in becoming educated with regard to the entire process."

    Gael Knight, CPA
  • "I engaged John Wilson of ProHorizons to procure a buyer for my practice in Palm Springs. The desert has seasonal challenges that do not appeal to all. Prior to that, my exit plan was doing nothing, yet expecting my buyer to walk through the front door. THAT DOESN'T WORK. John is a great resource, from the assembly of listing data, to the final execution of an agreement. The right buyer was in my door in 30 days! Of particular importance, John was a great resource for the bank financing, so instrumental to our transaction. John was in contact the entire time, which was greatly appreciated. I am pleased to endorse ProHorizons for those who desire to buy or sell an accounting practice."

    Brian Wachs CPA, Palm Springs, CA
  • “I had listed my practice for sale with another broker prior to engaging ProHorizons. In comparison, I was very pleased with the caliber of buyers ProHorizons brought to the table, the multiple offers I received, and the pace at which everything moved forward. ProHorizons was attentive to my needs, responsive to my questions, and did a lot of the work the other broker wouldn’t take on. ProHorizons made the process much easier for me and accomplished what the other broker couldn’t and in a much shorter time frame.”

    Lois Vega CPA, Fremont, CA
  • “We engaged Ken Berry at ProHorizons to sell our accounting firm. He did a great job of thoroughly packaging and presenting our firm, which was critical due to our size and the complexity of our client base. Ken talks about delivering a high level of service and he is serious: he was by our side and working on our behalf from the moment we hired him through the close of the transaction. He was a great resource of knowledge and experience for both us and the buyers throughout, but particularly so as we entered the complicated final stages just prior to closing. Of course, the most important measurement is that he sold our practice in a manner that assured our clients and our staff would have a compatible home and Dick would be able to consult on a part-time basis with the new owners for several years. We would recommend, and have recommended, Ken and ProHorizons to any peers or colleagues looking to sell their accounting firm.”

    Dick and Kathy Marshall CPAs, San Francisco, CA
  • “ProHorizons delivered exactly what I needed and it resulted in a good sale of my CPA firm when I wanted, and on my terms.”

    Jim Erickson CPA, Bellevue, WA

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